Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why is it that some days it's easy and other days it's impossible. I'm reffering to everything from love to work to just being alive. Some days roll by without the slightest flicker of frustration or ruination and then other days I can't seem to pull myself from the trench of the unknown. Not knowing, is that okay? She said it was okay to not know what you want. Is it really? Is it okay to not have the slightest clue in all of the universe as to what I want from life? Why is it so clear sometimes and so murky right now? Hush. I need everything to hush so I can hear my hearts desire. I need the waters to calm and time to stand still, I need something. Hush.

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brook said...

love it erin! i totally feel that lately...needing everything to just hush.