Friday, July 25, 2008

I wanna be a rockstar...

I stumbled through my door wednesday night from my first of what I assume to be many Mickey Avalon concerts, and had a tuna melt as a precaution to my inevitable hangover. I found Mickey to be surprisingly sexy; his tattooed torso is androgynous in a way that is reminiscent of old prince music videos. The glitter, glamour and girls smoking cigarettes on stage make his performance clearly about more than just music. His raunchy play-school rhymes had the audience wet between the legs, and the little girls screaming for reasons they’re yet to understand. The entire scene was mesmerizing if nothing else. Mickey Avalon is a true testament to todays entertainment industry, and embodies the rock-star we would all love to be if only life were that short. The PRICKS opened for Mickey as their first show with RVCA. They were welcomed with open arms as the crowd peaked at only 9 p.m. I have been to more PRICKS shows than I can count and they never fail to entertain me. I can say with confidence that this was their best performance to date. For those of you who think you know you don't like their music; you clearly haven’t been to a show recently. Their overall aggressive tone has been brought down a few decimals making Mike Brophys ingenious lyrics all the more powerful. These boys have been hard at work for a long time, and they continue to churn out hit-worthy songs. They possess the energy of constantly teetering on the brink of stardom. Click on PRICKS to listen to songs and check out show dates: become a part of the movement!! xoxo

Mike Brophy


The Boys

Lauren I and Olivia

Tim and Olivia

Mickey part duece

Vanester and Sister

One Prick... Two Prick..

...Three Prick...Four..!!

The one and only


it all started somewhere...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really, really good looking guys

I have a job serving cocktails and over priced appetizers that I absolutely hate but get paid very well to endure it. I also have a ‘job’ (and I use that term lightly) with Hozell that I love and covet but make no fiscal advancements for my efforts. I have a feeling that as a creative human most of my life will play out this way and am striving to strike a balance between it all. I take great pride in my creative work and grit my teeth through the nights I am drenched in beer and guacamole. Most recently I wrapped up shooting Hozells fall line of t-shirts and leisure polo shirts for their website where you can purchase everything you see below. I must give a big thanks to all my studlly male models for being so very, very good looking.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I heart Shorescrew

Upon moving from Minnesota to Newport I met the most maniacal mix of young men. The boys of shorescrew have a local and internet legacy of blowing shit up, surfing, and throwing parties at which anything can and usually does happen. You can check out all their madness and glory at All the photos below are from Malarky's last Wednesday where they threw their most recent event. It was a great time and everyone wore their shit faces with pride. These are the only guys I know that could convince everyone at a party to participate in a conscious war painting contest for free gear. Though I sadly don't have a photo of it, my personal winner was tommy who sported a magic marker eye patch and mustache!! A big thanks to you guys for bringing us all together... as if we needed an excuse to get wasted on a Wednesday night!!
Colbys neck tat
My bestist freinds
Mike and Cassie
Oh Tyler :)
Doho layin the mac down
yum yum gimme some
we all fall down

Sunday, July 6, 2008

the american in all of us

Mardigras is to New Orleans as the fourth of July is to Newport Beach. It is without fail the drunkest most debauchery filled day of the entire year. On a day like the 4th you’re slow if you haven't started drinking by noon, and your lucky if you make it through the evening. Every year I am culturally shocked by the masses of people that come from far and wide to stumble down our streets until sundown. The boardwalk is a constant traffic jam of beach cruisers; the streets and alleys aren’t much better. Every girl decked out in an american flag tube top and a skirt resembling a party favor seems to be in search for her next jello shot, and every other guy is ready to throw-down for a chance to lay down with one of those girls. I never went to college to live in a dorm and do the whole frat roe thing, so I imagine this to be a similar experience. This was my fourth fourth of July in Newport and the events all seem to blur together into one day epitomizing peninsula partying. Never do the streets go off in such a fashion as they do on this day religiously, every year. It can get old, tiresome, and annoying when you just want things to end but I’ve learned that if you cant beat them: join them. So, I become one of the drunken girls pedaling around town from one party to the next accepting cold beers from boys like an ancient mating ritual. I look foreword to it all year and am relieved when its over that it only comes once a year. I find it very symbolic that here in america we celebrate our independence by getting totally inebriated and half naked. Is that not the point? Were the founders of the country who wanted never to be ruled by tyranny again, not the most bad-ass guys ever? It may not say it on the constitution... but they secured our right to do keg-stands, and throw water balloons, drink cheap tequila and yell until were blue in the face. So cheers to another year of exercising our to right to party!

my first stop... thanks cory!
van lookin legit
when spicy meets sweet
oh Robby!!
These boys take beer pong very seriouslly... and Cole lost. haha
Hustle and Ratty
At Spides's later in the day
Will Crums one song set at Evocal
I penned my autobiography sitting on a speaker