Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Eve

I want to be her.


submitting everything to everyone in hopes that somewhere something sticks. sending it all out with a hope and wish that somewhere someone is affected, that someone sees more, that someone has felt the way we have felt. I think the most we could ever hope for is to be more than we are right now. I keep sending things out into the universe but I'm pretty sure you aren't hearing me.


"Sometimes when you Love someone, the best thing to say is nothing." -a dear friend.

Copper Door

Come Join us, Cherokee Fade, tonight at the Copper Door in Santa Ana. We play at 9. We Love you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

you're a fine girl

the first inspiration for content of cherokee fades next album.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pretty people keep pretty company

Miss Jenna Rae

 Miss Shelly Cush

Miss Megan

Miss Walter


He kept on telling me it had something to do with faith. Like I could buy it half off, discount, bargain store style. I was tearing out the thread at the cuff of my sweater because every word from his mouth made me nervous. I had a feeling it was more than this or less. I couldn't be quite sure what direction the current was headed. I was wondering where people found the ease, how their step seemed longer and their handwriting slower. I was ashamed I had missed the lesson, felt it was too late to learn how not to worry about everything and everyone. He was still telling me to find faith. But I assured him there wasn't a place I hadn't looked, no stone gone unturned. The sixty three years spanning between us spread themselves out. He looked at me like a child, like I hadn't put in enough time to really know the difference. He told me I would know, told me I would know when it found me.

Friday, December 23, 2011

you've done it again

Paul Harding, you have done it again. How you manage to keep me, change me, and convince me of the wonders of words with the same piece of work after all these years is something truly special.

"I could feel his sudden surprise, his bafflement, the dismay felt in a dream when you suddenly meet the brother you forgot you had or remember the infant you left on the hillside miles away, hours ago, because somehow you were distracted and somehow you came to believe in a different life and your shock at these terrible recollections, these sudden reunions, comes as much from your sorrow at what you have neglected as it does from dismay at how thoroughly and quickly you came to believe in something else. And that other world that you first dreamed is always better if not real, because in it you have not jilted your lover, forsaken your child, turned your back on your brother."
- Paul Harding, Tinkers

Thursday, December 22, 2011


She told me was all about what wasn’t in the photograph, to look beyond the 4 by 6 borders. What had they chosen to leave out, what had been forgotten or cast aside, what simply didn’t fit the moment? That’s where your story lies. Your story is the secrets brewing on the edges, spilling over and out of the frame. The story is in the things you didn’t say. It was like she was speaking directly to me. As if time and space had parted and some way when she penned these words however long ago they were meant to find their way through the universe and sit in my lap on a Wednesday night after the early shift. How had I spent so long beating around the obvious fact that I wasn’t writing. I was. I just wasn’t writing enough. Not writing to survive, just writing enough to get by, writing enough to still feel like I was a writer. I had lost something or someone and all the spark was sucked out of my words so I let them fall away. I thought I had to wait for the wind to change or the moon to move me, but really, all I have to do is write again.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Evening

Over here at Milk Route Records we've been feeling like giving this season. So here's another album from our camp FOR FREE!!! Simply click above and download. Created by the talented Nisan Perera and his dynamic other half Kevin Yoches this record was crafted and recorded over a ten day stint at Milk Route Records last June. It is our great hope that you will then share this lovely piece of work with those that you love and cherish. Happy Holidays from our camp to yours xoxo!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Over the hill and through the woods

On a journey up the coast to play in the Red Vic theater before it's forever remodeled led us then into the woods and and we happened upon the next greatest spot ever... Fernwood. Follow here...
 Tita. Thanks.
 Few things in life compare to the joy of a man and his pupusa.
 Buttonwillow. Haven't been? You should go.
 yes OJ we all love you fur coat.
 the lovelies at the Red Vic Theater.
 some genius
 OJ and Man.
 my life is complete. this is my singing Carolina with Nisan in front of a huge burning yule log. I'll never say I didn't do anything with my life.

 our lovely cabin site.
 Sometimes it's good for you to feel so so small.
 We're going to play here.

 on the edge of today you can see the shadow of tomorrow.
 The thrill Seekers.
 The Comrades.
The historian.

Monday, December 19, 2011

something like a prayer.

we just live for living answers and forget the questions to the truth
we pretend like we deserve this and just assume the sky is blue
but sometimes these times they come along to remind us we’re alive
and ask us to live our life before its time to die
not everything is fair sometimes the best never find their luck
and sometimes the hand we deal is a hand that’s far from trust
you cant believe in anything if you don’t know that your alive
and why do we wait for tragedy to see who is on our side?
why cant we count our blessings on the days the sun does shine?
why do we forget how much we love those ones right before our eyes
because today is not forever and yesterday is gone
and it will never be the same
and you cant remember to hold on
to time that’s always moving and luck that seems to run
if I could tell you just one thing:
I love you more than the sun.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SF bound

Heading up to San Francisco for the weekend to play a show with some very dear friends. Come one come all, music, merriment, and more love than we could handle so come and share!!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Today in 1933 Prohibition was officially repealed in the United States. 
Go get yourself a nice glass of something you love. 
Take a moment and enjoy. 

And while you're at it go here: 
and download these free songs
my favorite is 5 minutes 4 my whiskey.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Saturday :)

Thank you Wahoo's for having us this Saturday at Fashion Island. I love tacos. I love music.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


From Evernote:


Spending a day in the LBC scouting for a video shoot for Cherokee Fade, Turnin Around. Should be a super fine time... Stay tunes. We love you