Thursday, May 27, 2010

wild rumpus

A wild night at Blue Beet hosted by Arnette and Shorewscrew led to these outrageous photos in which everyone I know dressed up like frogs, fish, tigers, clams, and everything else under the sun. With a performance from Snake Bit Drifters, a costume contest, and a professional face painters, the boys of Shorescrew never fall short when throwing parties. I must once again tip my hat to the masters of mayhem and thank them for a wonderful evening.

Fight or Flight

I had the most interesting day yesterday. It started with a private boxing lesson with Jason Parillo at the RVCA gym, something I never would have seen myself doing. But funny things happen and I totally fell for, boxing. Not only was it a crazy good workout, but mentally I felt I had tapped into a necessary part of existence. They are so different, yet it was the same feeling I had when I found yoga. Every aspect of the day and some classic photos can be seen in the July issue of Locale magazine. Check it out... My interesting day continued with some great shopping and then decking myself out like a polar bear for the shorescrew animal party. I spent most of the.night behind my camera capturing the classic costumes. I'll post all later tonight, but if you cannot wait, visit they are all posted there as well. Stay tuned... life is only getting more interesting as we get closer to graduation and Europe. Xoxo

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Little Bitter Release Party

Thursday Night Semi Sweet released their c.d A Little Bitter to a hip crowd at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. The four song arangment released under Merrifield records is the best work we have heard from the band thus far. Vocalist Cassie Walters has made leaps and bounds in her on stage performance as well, rocking like the vixen she was born to be. The five piece made a music video for the second track on their c.d, Sleazy at Detroit Bar earlier this year. If you haven't caught this local Costa Mesa band in action, I highly suggest coming out to shake it at their next show.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Funday is more Sunday than yours!

Our new Sunday tradition is Kickball in the park with mimosas and beers! It was a serious game. The ladies kept up most of the time until the boys kicked a grand slam bringing in four runs and winning the game ten to seven. I think the best part was our outfits. So, if you've got game or a sweet headband, feel free to show up at the park and join us next sunday. It's ON!!
Mimosa mornings, does a body good.

Kevin preparing the trophy for the winning team of Sunday Kickball


Snakebit Drifters

Stretch it out Candy, stretch it out.

warm up drills at the park

Candice midswing, goin for the gold!

My not so secret competitive side coming out... and yes, I run like that.

Kevin having his victory drink. The girls lost, but it's okay cause we came in second :)

Daytime Playtime Uniform

My Pre Triathalon Beverage.

We biked over for half time and a beer at Matt's 24th Bday party.

Fuel Up Candice

Happy Birthday Matt!!

After a quick half time we jumped back on our bikes and sped home for some snacks...

Dre trying to stay on course. SINGLE FILE

When we arrived the boys were just coming in from the field..

Tim did the last leg of the triathalon in the pool..

..and Dre and Sage finished the race up with some seriously delicious kabab's!