Friday, July 31, 2009

Cant You Feel what the Warm Wind is Bringing?

It will be days like today that I fondly remember come September. Days when I can sleep in past ten, and then lay there till twelve because nothing beside sunshine is pressing me to get up. There is a warm breeze finding its way through my window that smells like salt and summertime. I have a faint feeling that on its back rides new opportunities and a whole lot of love. I want so badly to capture and bottle up the hard nose ambition I have in these early years of self sufficiency. The feeling that working really hard is really making me a better person with a brighter future. I want nothing more than to live so fully that life seems to be bursting at the seams. I feel like I have been given an extra oxygen tank, thank you Obama for the 15 thousand dollar grant I received last Tuesday. I knew you would change things.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Summer Spot

When life gets away from me I try desperately to capture it with photographs. I would have no idea what has happened, how I have changed, or where I have been if it weren't for my photos. So following are some of the most memorable moments of my last six months in a pathetic attempt to catch myself up on my own life.

We are in HAWAII

I spent New Years as an Island girl with Kevins family on the shore of Kona

Kevin is trying to get reception on his phone. I love being isolated...

If you have never seen me truly happy, this is what it looks like :)

This photo means the world to me. It is in Peters kitchen in Minneapolis where we did a lot of growing up. We all came together in February to celebrate the life of our good friend Adam.. we love you

Everyone needs a little whiskey once in awhile... bus ride to Semi Sweet show at the Whiskey



The best group for the best weekend ever... cannot wait until next year

Me, Andrea, Jenna, and Candice= The Best of Friends

When school finally ended this spring Kevin and I took a trip up to San Francisco to visit his brothers, Olivia, Nissan and Marcelle. It was the first time in so long that I even had time to brethe. I LOVE the city, and everything it does for me :)

Kevin and I at the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building

Josh and I inside the OCULOUS

After the city we spent 5 days at a vineyard. While Kevin and Nissan recorded the vocals for the new Hello Evening album... I played out side...

...and perfected the art of the self portrait...

...and smoked spliffs...

...and got half naked with the grapes :)

Back in Costa Mesa I have been laying pool side at Andreas house

And it is Only Half Over xoxo LOVE LIFE