Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Local.

 I'll have a scotch on the rocks please.
 the room. i love this bar because of this room. and because of you.
 i love this picture because of how blindly happy I am.
 Go Pro... ?
 Will you pass the butter please??
 Me and Meeeegan

 Maggie and Joe. One of several great shots at this moment, but I had to choose one.

 I wish I knew what was being said here.. but Kalin I love your enthusiasm.
 the coffee
 Megan insisted on arm wrestling everyone. I think I am the only person she beat.

 Joe, I want to see your photos!

 Kalin pretending to be Richard.
 table talk all night long...

 hi richard :)

 Pete and Lee :)
 ordering another. of course.
 Mil you are my hero.
night :)

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