Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thanks Sonia.

I just signed onto facebook and got this message from someone I went to high school with:

"hey you were a real bitch in high school. I happened to be surfing through facebook and came along your page. You ended up in a cool state, you look alot cooler which may depict a nicer personality from your photos. Southern California is home of the flakes and fakes. San Francisco is better. Hope you're doing well and treating people with respect."

Thanks Sonia. Well said. If I could have a cocktail now with Sonia I would tell her this: "Sonia I am so sorry, and despite my sarcastic tone, a part of me really means that. You probably think I was a bitch because I never spoke to you and chances are we had class together for years. You probably thought I thought I was too good for you and everyone else I never spoke to. Funny thing is, I was just too stoned out of my mind to speak to anyone in high school. And that's the truth."

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