Tuesday, November 9, 2010

took my heart up the 5

I couldn't believe the colors on the way up the 5. The sky was a blue I have never seen. So lovely, and Kevin gave me a musical education the whole way up. He introduced me to The Streets, and well the rest is history. 

6 peaceful hours later we found ourselves in SF

Hello World, meet Dylan Robert Yoches. He was born at a whopping 11.1 pounds!!

<3, it's too bad I can't share with you the pictures of them in the tub together.
Beauty in Berkeley.

The most amazing soup ever. forever ever.
We spent the perfect day wandering around the city...
we found ourselves some olivia june and started drinking on Haight around two in the afternoon...
I'll have a Jameson on the rocks, please. And one for my friend over here as well..
Spent the evening drinking in the mission with this dog in a bar.
and some brothers tooo :)

The next day it rained in lovely San Francisco fashion, but all was well because...
we had a Spiderman birthday party to go to. Look at the pure joy on his face

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lugo said...

Josh rocking the sweatshirt!