Sunday, July 6, 2008

the american in all of us

Mardigras is to New Orleans as the fourth of July is to Newport Beach. It is without fail the drunkest most debauchery filled day of the entire year. On a day like the 4th you’re slow if you haven't started drinking by noon, and your lucky if you make it through the evening. Every year I am culturally shocked by the masses of people that come from far and wide to stumble down our streets until sundown. The boardwalk is a constant traffic jam of beach cruisers; the streets and alleys aren’t much better. Every girl decked out in an american flag tube top and a skirt resembling a party favor seems to be in search for her next jello shot, and every other guy is ready to throw-down for a chance to lay down with one of those girls. I never went to college to live in a dorm and do the whole frat roe thing, so I imagine this to be a similar experience. This was my fourth fourth of July in Newport and the events all seem to blur together into one day epitomizing peninsula partying. Never do the streets go off in such a fashion as they do on this day religiously, every year. It can get old, tiresome, and annoying when you just want things to end but I’ve learned that if you cant beat them: join them. So, I become one of the drunken girls pedaling around town from one party to the next accepting cold beers from boys like an ancient mating ritual. I look foreword to it all year and am relieved when its over that it only comes once a year. I find it very symbolic that here in america we celebrate our independence by getting totally inebriated and half naked. Is that not the point? Were the founders of the country who wanted never to be ruled by tyranny again, not the most bad-ass guys ever? It may not say it on the constitution... but they secured our right to do keg-stands, and throw water balloons, drink cheap tequila and yell until were blue in the face. So cheers to another year of exercising our to right to party!

my first stop... thanks cory!
van lookin legit
when spicy meets sweet
oh Robby!!
These boys take beer pong very seriouslly... and Cole lost. haha
Hustle and Ratty
At Spides's later in the day
Will Crums one song set at Evocal
I penned my autobiography sitting on a speaker

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