Friday, June 1, 2012

on the words

It has a lot to do with the heart beat when it doesn't match the brain. I get confused. I get flustered. I get impatient with myself. The sun was going down and catching my eyes and I had a very distinct feeling that it was one of those moments. The last of something you once held sacred and dear. Give it it's proper blessing, send it on it's way. The words were getting stuck on my tongue, but I knew they were there. Learning so much this week. I can't remember everything they say. Even when I know it's important. All the moments just blur together. Big conversations and cups of coffee. This strange feeling hanging on my wrists asking me if this is right, is this the way it is supposed to be. We'll never know unless we try. Choose that which makes it easiest to be happy. You cannot change the way you feel but you can change the way you react to those feelings. Make choices. Make the good hard choices. Grow. Be great. Let go.

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