Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fight or Flight

I had the most interesting day yesterday. It started with a private boxing lesson with Jason Parillo at the RVCA gym, something I never would have seen myself doing. But funny things happen and I totally fell for, boxing. Not only was it a crazy good workout, but mentally I felt I had tapped into a necessary part of existence. They are so different, yet it was the same feeling I had when I found yoga. Every aspect of the day and some classic photos can be seen in the July issue of Locale magazine. Check it out... My interesting day continued with some great shopping and then decking myself out like a polar bear for the shorescrew animal party. I spent most of the.night behind my camera capturing the classic costumes. I'll post all later tonight, but if you cannot wait, visit they are all posted there as well. Stay tuned... life is only getting more interesting as we get closer to graduation and Europe. Xoxo

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