Friday, June 20, 2008

Starting Somewhere

At twenty one I am learning a hard concept; things take time. College apparently can take more than 4 years, a tight ass takes more than a few jogs and a yoga class, becoming an actress is not as easy as I originally anticipated, and even this blog will take some time to become a work of intelligent art and insight or even a babble of gossip and bullshit. So please bear with me as I bear with myself on this uphill climb to whatever we are all looking for. I have a good eye behind the camera and a nice flow behind my pen; I very much enjoy doing both. I moved to California from a small town in Minnesota with stars in my eyes and dreams of making it big. For the past three years I have resiliently gone out on audition after audition in search of my big break, which I am still on a quest for. I live on the beach with my sister and serve countless cocktails to pay for my mini zen cave, and the life I insist on living. I am for the most part happy and as well adjusted as I could be expected to be in this day and age; though slightly off kilter and off beat my biggest fear is being average and forgotten. So here we are to forever cement on the internet the life, love, and setbacks of yours truly: Rose Blacque.

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