Friday, December 23, 2011

you've done it again

Paul Harding, you have done it again. How you manage to keep me, change me, and convince me of the wonders of words with the same piece of work after all these years is something truly special.

"I could feel his sudden surprise, his bafflement, the dismay felt in a dream when you suddenly meet the brother you forgot you had or remember the infant you left on the hillside miles away, hours ago, because somehow you were distracted and somehow you came to believe in a different life and your shock at these terrible recollections, these sudden reunions, comes as much from your sorrow at what you have neglected as it does from dismay at how thoroughly and quickly you came to believe in something else. And that other world that you first dreamed is always better if not real, because in it you have not jilted your lover, forsaken your child, turned your back on your brother."
- Paul Harding, Tinkers

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